Our Services


 Nessa's Cleaning uses products specifically designed to remove harmful allergens, germs, and harmful viruses from your home, so you and your family can breathe easier and cleaner.

Cleaners are just as important to cleaning as the Professionals using them. That's why we only use top of the line cleaners, that help to rid your home of harmful bacteria.

Bacteria are microscopic organisms that can live and thrive on almost any surface in your home. Most bacteria are harmless. However, a few can cause disease, sometimes serious diseases such as salmonella and whooping cough.

Fortunately in the war against bacteria, there are many weapons in our arsenal and most of them are extremely inexpensive and effective.

If your water is hard, you must have those nasty white and brown spots on your sink, tubs, and glass shower enclosures, basically every where you have a faucet and use water. If hard water deposits are not addressed, the minerals in the water will stain and permeate the surface making it very, if not extremely difficult to remove. So don’t let those hard water stains take over.

The sooner you address it, the less of a stain and build up you will have to deal with. We have a line of cleaners that we use that will begin to reverse the damaging affects of hard water, often even removing them altogether.

The following is a list of Items we clean:

Load dishwasher Clean

Clean inside of microwave

Wipe outside of all appliances (and inside for move-out cleanings)

Disinfect surfaces

Sweep, Mop, and  Vacuum

Disinfect sinks

Wipe towel racks

Disinfect the bottom of toilet(s)

Disinfect inside toilet(s)

Disinfect tub(s)

Wet dust baseboards       

Change linens (if requested)

Dust ceiling fans

Dust mini-blinds

Dust sills, and wall hangings

Polish furniture

General pick-up

Empty wastebaskets, and add new clean bags to wastebaskets

Degrease kitchen cabinets

Wipe door knobs

Windex all mirrors

Microfiber dust TV screens

Deodorize rooms

 and so much more...

We service Taylor, Hutto, Granger, Thrall, Thorndale, Coupland, Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, and Pflugerville. Travel fees may apply for certain areas.